Frequently Asked Questions

Are you insured?

Yes! Ace Tree Removal is a registered business, and we are fully insured and EHAP certified.

Is this tree safe?

There is a lot to consider when addressing a question of this nature. The species of the tree, is it well rooted, is it rooted on ledge, is it in decline, is it open to the wind, direction of prevailing wind...One unfortunate consistency I have learned in 13 years of tree work is that trees are unpredictable in stormy weather. It's easy to tell if a tree is healthy. Impossible to predict if it will hold up in the wind.

Will this tree fall on my house?

If a tree can fall from the ground and hit your house, there is a potential threat. That doesn't mean it will fall but should be assessed and maintained accordingly. Many homeowners have trees on their property older than this country that are still standing strong. I urge individuals to use their best judgement. If it makes you nervous, maybe it should be addressed. At least have a professional from ACE look at it for their opinion. Again, even a healthy tree can fail.

Can you save my tree?

This depends on the nature and species of the tree. Trees are great at healing. Most of the time when this is asked, however, its in reference to an old tree in decline. If a tree is naturally dying, there is nothing much to be done. Nature runs its course. By removing dying limbs, often a tree can heal the wounds over, but ultimately it just prolongs the natural process of decline.

Will this tree damage my house?

A lot of things can go unnoticed when looking at a tree. Sometimes cavities or weakness can't be seen from the ground, and not all damage is done by falling trees. Trees that shade a roof give moss the perfect environment to grow. Also, sometimes roots damage leach fields and foundations. All of these things can be very costly to replace.

Will trimming hurt my tree?

When trimmed properly, trees are great at healing. Some trees will even respond with vigorous growth. This depends mostly on species and good health.